Are you ready

to finally find your purpose and create a life full of freedom, passion and fulfilment? 😍✨💕

Do you feel like your life is running on autopilot but it is not you that’s driving the plane? 😣

Do you want to feel like what you do in life actually has some sort of meaning?

I have a secret…

Despite what society tells us, it is TOTALLY possible to wake up every day and love your life so much that you can’t wipe the smile off your face!

I see you!

✨ You want to wake up easily, breezily, and energised to do something you’re passionate about with people you absolutely love. You dream about absolutely loving what you do for work, so that it feels like a #matchmadeinheaven


✨ You’re inspired to create magic and transformation throughout your entire life. You daydream about having absolute confidence in yourself to pursue whatever it is you are passionate about. You long to FIRE YOUR BOSS because you are sick of working to make their dreams a reality, it’s your turn!

​✨ You’re ready to feel worthy of doing something that makes you happy in life instead of feeling not good enough. You want to feel like it doesn’t matter what other people think, instead of constantly thinking that someone might say:


OMG why are you doing that? What if you fail?


✨ You are ready to figure out what it is you can offer to the world and create a plan as to how you can bring it to life! No more self doubt, no more stress, no more worry. Just complete confidence in yourself and what you are going to create for you + your fam!



An absolutely life-changing self-study program that will take you from feeling:

    ❌ Scared to take action because you don’t know what to do

    ❌ Like you have no idea what direction you want to run

    ❌ Full of self-doubt and imposter syndrome

    ❌ Feeling like time is running out and you are running out of options

    ❌ That you are not good enough or don’t deserve to be paid to do something you love

    ❌ Stuck in a life that you don’t want and didn’t plan for yourself

    To feeling:

    ✅ Confident in yourself and what you are most passionate about in life

    ✅ Like you have a road map for your life and what you want to do

    ✅ That you are confident and capable of achieving anything you put your mind to

    ✅ Excited to get out of bed and work towards your goals

    ✅ Like you deserve to be happy

    ✅ That you absolutely love your life!

    The Soul Purpose Program will give you the support + guidance + momentum you need to build a life that lights you up from the inside out.

    This is your chance to take back control of your life so that you are finally ‘driving the plane’ and deciding what direction to go! We’ll help you figure out what mindset blocks have been holding you back from creating a life you love and DESERVE, so you won’t feel lost and stuck anymore.

    92% of society NEVER achieve their goals! 😱 Don’t be apart of that group, join the 8% of us that smash their goals out of the park! 💪

    Ok, and so what’s next?!

    MORE in-depth knowledge, a STEP-BY-STEP strategy, and EXPERT Support.

    In ✨ The Soul Purpose Program ✨, you will get my 4'Cs Passion & Purpose Signature Framework. This framework is filled with all of the most powerful tools that I have learnt which helped me to start living my dream life!

    The 4C’s are as followed:

    • Clean up - In order to have an amazing future, we have to go back and clean up some of the ‘mess’ from the past AKA your old baggage.
    • Clarity and Focus - You will get clear on what your passions are and what direction you want to go.
    • Cast Your Vision - We will make a roadmap to your dream life.
    • Courage and Confidence - You will be set up with everything you need to confidently take massive action after this program is finished.

    This framework will teach you everything you need to know in order to find your purpose in life and feel SUPER CONFIDENT about how you can start to achieve your goals!


    Did you know that there was a study conducted in the UK and it found that individuals that felt like they had a strong purpose in life actually lived longer than those that didn’t… This information will literally help you live longer. It's so important!


    As Seen In


    'My sessions with Taylor became the highlight of my week because I was just learning so much. I so enjoyed working with her and talking with her.

    I'm somebody who reads a lot of personal development books and listens to podcasts. But for some reason, the way that Taylor presented information to me, and the way she explained things, just clicked with me and resonated with me in a way that was completely different than what I was learning through those other mediums. I just remember, during our sessions, I would just be furiously taking notes because she was just dropping nugget after nugget of incredible information. You could use these teachings through the rest of your life if you wanted to, and it would just help make you a more aligned person.


    Where I am after finishing the program isn't necessarily where I thought I would be. I know that this is exactly where I NEED to be and where I should be. Taylor was a huge part of clarifying that for me and giving me the confidence to come to that conclusion.


    She was so supportive throughout the entire process. She never made me feel guilty for changing my path or my goals at this time. She really just wants you to live a life that just resonates with you, aligns with your purpose and your values, and brings you the greatest joy. As long as what you want is doing those things, she's going to support you 100%.’


    ‘Before I took The Soul Purpose Program I was feeling overwhelmed and out of alignment. I know I was not feeling okay. I know I have self issues but because I never give myself the chance to try something like this program, I get used to being stuck. I felt like I was dwelling on everything.


    Going through the program was a rollercoaster of emotion for me. I had so much fun and at the same time, it brought up my deepest emotions I kept denying. Taylor showed me that I have the power to get my life back through letting go, healing, clarity and mindset! I could tell she wanted me to succeed in every aspect of my life and career. The learning environment is both encouraging and super supportive.


    After going through The Soul Purpose Program I now feel confident to let go all the negatives holding me back in my life. I am more confident in doing the best I can for me and not for anyone else. I was more of a realistic person before, but I learned to tap into my inner self, listen to my intuitions and align them with my core values. All the exercises opened up my eyes to all the possibilities in my life. I am more than willing to practice the affirmations and routines I learned because I understand that self improvement is a never ending journey. I am just so thankful that I was able to get started with the help of Taylor.’


    ‘After taking this program, I will definitely take the leap towards my passion that I have been wanting to pursue. I can't look back and definitely, are too afraid to look down. This course will help me to keep going forwards towards my purpose and have faith that my intuition will take me here for a reason. Implement the ‘Ikigai’ that Taylor taught … it’s going to be a game-changer!


    Taylor is such an amazing teacher of ‘The Soul Purpose Program”. She is creative, quick and very motivated. The support of the community in the Facebook group is simply amazing!


    I would highly recommend this program for those who want to figure out their purpose and feel more confident in themselves. Especially for those people who don’t have this ‘closure’ yet from their past, this program will help you to move on to a new amazing life!’


    ‘Before this program, I was feeling so lost and had no idea what to do to change it. My job made me feel completely uninspired every single day and I was fed up of feeling like I wasn’t making any positive change to the world. I found Taylor on Instagram and instantly resonated with her content. After reaching out to her, she told me I could be one of the first people to do her program before it launched to the public and I am sooo thankful that she gave me that opportunity! I finally feel like I have figured out my purpose in life and have the tools to be able to create my dream life without getting too overwhelmed. Taylor thank you so much for this amazing program, it has changed my life forever!’


    What’s Included?

    We'll be digging deep...creating an action plan... implementing tested and proven strategies… and discussing how to change your life from the inside out, using my signature 4C’s Passion and Purpose framework.

    • 8 life-changing modules (Valued at $999)
    • PDF and Google Drive worksheets to go with each module and exercise (Valued at $250)
    • Recommended book lists and further learning resources for each topic we discuss in the program (Valued at $97)
    • Plus you get all of these amazing bonuses…
    • List of my Daily Morning Affirmations (Valued at $57)
    • List of my Bedtime Affirmations (Valued at $57)
    • List of my money mantras that helped me hit consistent $5K months (Valued at $500)
    • 15-minute visualisation to help you figure out your dream life (Valued at $75)
    • 10 minute daily guided meditation to help you achieve your 10-year vision (Valued at $67)
    • The confidence to move forwards with ease, pursuing your passions and living your dream life (PRICELESS)

    Total Value: Over $2100

    Your investment today:


    One-Time Payment: 


    Did you know… A study found that the 14% who have goals are 10 times more successful than those without goals. The 3% with written goals are three times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals. The Soul Purpose Program will take that to the NEXT LEVEL!

    You're One Step Closer To Creating Your Dream Life!

    The Soul Purpose Program gives you the confidence to finally break out of the box, figure out your passion and create a vision for your life that excites the sh*t out of you!

    It will give you total confidence and clarity when it comes to figuring out your purpose in life. Now it's your time to take back control of your life!

    By the way, have we met?

    Hi, I’m Taylor (or Tay for short)

    Less than two years ago I was a MASSIVE party girl. Would go out and get drunk every weekend because I felt like I had nothing better to do. I felt lost, bored with my life and like I was destined to make someone else’s dreams come true working a 9-5 😑


    However, I was able to change from…


    Being miserable, working in a job that I hated, in a city that I didn’t like and partying every weekend





    • Becoming location independent and moving to paradise in Bali, Indonesia.
    • Launching 3 online businesses.
    • Launching my own podcast and interviewing kick-ass millennials from all around the world.
    • Starting my own YouTube channel to put out content that inspires people to follow their dreams.
    • Adopted the cutest puppy ever (this was in my 10-year vision so I had to include it here 😋)
    • Hit consistent $5k months.
    • I now run a 6-figure digital marketing agency with my business partner!

    So how did I go from party girl to living my dream life in 18 months?

    I worked on my mindset. I created a vision. I made a decision that I would no longer live a life that I wasn’t happy with and I DID 👏🏻 SOMETHING 👏🏻 ABOUT 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 I refused to sit on Instagram and wish I had those peoples lives. I invested in myself and learnt from people who had gone before me. I took action and made the mindset shifts needed to go along with that action.

    My purpose in life is...

    Spread light and love in the world by helping young people find and pursue their true purpose in life.


    So if you are feeling stuck or like you don’t know what you want to do with your life, know that it’s a choice. You can follow your dreams if you want to. You just have to prove to the universe how bad you want it 💪🏻❤️ You have to trust yourself and learn from those of us that have gone before you!

    Can’t wait to help you achieve your dream life!


    Tay x

    But why should you trust me to be the expert on this subject?

    Because I’ve been where you are right now

    I understand how it feels as I used to feel LOST when everyone else seems to have it figured out. I know what it feels like to have all that pressure from society to act a certain way, do certain things, and live a life that you don’t actually want to be living. It’s COMPLETELY DAUNTING to think about your life in 10 years time if nothing changes, right?!


    Like you, I was frustrated because I was trapped in a job, making someone else’s dreams come true and didn’t have the confidence to follow my own dreams. Like you, I didn’t have the knowledge to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I didn’t have the tools and strategies to pursue a life that might actually make me happy. I felt like a complete failure.


    Nobody should have to experience that.


    In late 2017, I started working on my own personal development and mindset to work through what I struggled with DEEP DOWN, which helped me to move through my old trauma and stories, gain confidence, pursue my passions and create my dream life in less than 18 months.


    These days, I wake up every day and pinch myself because I seriously LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH!


    And now its time for you to do the same…


    Can’t wait to help you achieve your dream life!


    Oh, you got some Questions? Cool. Cool. Cool. I gotchu boo

    Is this program a good fit for me?

    This program is designed to help young women to go from feeling like they have no idea what to do with their lives to knowing your life purpose and having the confidence to pursue it!


    My goal (through this self-study program) is to share the knowledge that has helped me completely shift my life. If you’re committed to creating your dream life, whatever that may be, and you are willing to put in the work to get there, you’re in the right place!


    When does it start?

    The Soul Purpose Program is a self-study online program so you can start as soon as your purchase!


    Does this include 1-on-1 support from Taylor?

    No, you will have 24/5 access to a private Facebook group so that Taylor can answer any questions you put in there. If you would like to talk about 1:1 coaching, please email Taylor’s team on


    Who is this program best suited for?

    This is an excellent question, The Soul Purpose Program is best suited for:

    Young women feeling lost, stuck or stagnant in their lives

    Young women working a 9-5 that are wanting to pursue their own passions but are not sure what to do

    Women that are ready to take back control of their lives

    Women that are willing to put in the work and get uncomfortable in order to grow


    What happens after I make the payment?

    You'll receive an email with your personal link to the private FB group plus access to The Soul Purpose Program.


    Do you provide refunds?

    No, there will be no refunds provided. I am going to give you the tools and strategies that I KNOW can change your life. However, you have to be willing to put in the work. So, if we get to the end of the program and your life has not changed at all, this is the perfect time for you to start taking responsibility for your own actions and look at where you did not fully show up.


    So what do I actually get?

    • 8 life-changing modules
    • PDF and Google Drive worksheets to go with each module and exercise
    • Recommended book lists and further learning resources for each topic we discuss in the program


    Plus you get all of these amazing bonuses…

    • List of my Daily Morning Affirmations
    • List of my Bedtime Affirmations
    • List of my money mantras that helped me hit consistent $5K months
    • 15-minute visualisation to help you figure out your dream life
    • 10 minute daily guided meditation to help you achieve your 10-year vision


    What is the investment for The Soul Purpose Program?

    You will be receiving more than $2100 in value, but the investment for the program is one eighth of that. The total for the program is $247 and there is a payment plan available of $129 for 2 months.

    So, how do you know if this course is right for you? Well, it’s right for you…

    • If you are ready to finally stop feeling like you have no idea what you are doing with your life.
    • If you are ready to stop feeling like you are chasing other people's dreams and ready to figure out what your own are.
    • If you are ready to stop feeling like you are working towards a goal that is the wrong one.
    • If you are ready to stop feeling like you are not good enough or don’t deserve to actually do something that you are passionate about.
    • If you are ready to stop feeling scared to do something that’s a little bit different!
    • If you are apart of the 8% of the population that actually achieved their goals in life.

    The problem is, if you are complacent and don’t do something different now, you will wake up at 50 and think ‘where has my life gone?!’.

    So, The Soul Purpose Program is not suited for…

    • Anyone that is not ready to have an epic transformation in life
    • People that are happy to stay in their comfort zone
    • Anyone that is willing to keep playing small in life and let other people dictate what happens
    • People that do not want to get a little uncomfortable in order to grow
    • The 92% of people that never achieve their goals in life